Rorge Firebeard


Rorge is a broad-shouldered mountain dwarf of Gimvar’Rok, thickly muscled, but with a sagging gut made heavy with ale and inactivity. His hair and beard are coarse, fiery red, and streaked with gray. Many of Rorge’s teeth are missing, replaced with stone and silver falses. Faded dwarvish tattoos mar the skin of his arms, legs, and neck. Traveled adventurers might recognize these as prison tattoos, likely from the northern installation known as The Pit. Dwarvish runes across his calloused knuckles read: I KILL OGRES. Rorge is gruff and aloof, but quick with a smile and a story to those who show him respect. He adores his wife, Rhian, and is utterly devoted to her and the roadhouse they own together.


Like his beloved wife Rhian Garrick, Rorge is a retired adventurer. Known for his deadly skill with a warhammer Rorge prefers the quieter life now, and is more apt to knead dough and brew ale than he is to crush skulls, though he is quick to remind troublemakers that he is still more than capable of doing so.

Rorge Firebeard

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