Rhian Garrick


Rhian is a tall human woman in her mid-forties. She has short dirty brown hair, pale skin with faint lines crinkling her eyes and forehead. Her hair, complexion, and ice blue eyes denote her northern heritage. She dresses simply and comfortably, usually seen in a roughspun brown dress and an off-white apron stained with ale and flour. Rhian is curt and no-nonsense, but kind and courteous to those who treat her likewise. Despite having no children of her own, she has a motherly countenance and a soft-spot for those in need. She cares for her husband Rorge, above all else.


Unbeknownst to many of the Wayward Wanderer’s patrons, Rhian is actually Rhian the Enchantress, a famed sorcerer and adventurer. Upon retiring from her life of adventure, Rhian pooled her riches with fellow adventurer Rorge Firebeard, and the two purchased the “haunted” tower of Southreach with the intent of renovating it and opening a simple roadhouse.

Rhian Garrick

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