Ash & War: The Last Days of Vrakis

Episode 2

The Temple of Vymera

Our unlikely heroes wake up at the Wayward Wanderer feeling well rested. They head down to have breakfast among the survivors from Stonebridge. A hearty spread of dwarven biscuits, fried sausage, porridge and ale is served. In thanks for helping with the survivors Rian, the retired spellcaster, offers the travelers enough rations for the journey to Stonebridge and back.

Our group of new friends gives thanks and sets forth as the sun breaks over the horizon. Outside of the Wayward Wanderer the crew of the Fair Winds is bustling about getting things in order as the airship is ready to launch. Zersch, the handsome half orc man with whom Ward the Tomeheart had a brief scrap the night before, can be seen struggling to move a wooden crate (his ribs having been heavily bandaged). He shoots Ward a menacing sneer as he gets back to work but the Tomeheart seems utterly oblivious to such nuances as social cues.

We follow our strange band of adventurers as they traverse the wilds of No Man’s Land through rolling hills with waist-high grass, murky bogs, forests, rocky valleys, over streams and creeks. Past ancient ruins, crumbling watchtowers, and the remnants of old forts. The sun sets as camp is made on a small tree-covered island in the shadow of an old aqueduct.

Splug, being the good valet that he is, promptly dumps the baggage he is carrying as he escorts Narrows through the murky water to the safety of dry land. Ward does not cross the water and stands sentinel, and birds come to roost on his still form. El’Lirian sends out his eagle Ana to hunt and a short while later she returns with a large wild hare.

Narrows and Narrows cook up a hearty stew, and it can’t help but be noticed their uncanny coordination with one another… hmmm, how odd. The night passes without interruption, save for the calls of nightbirds and swampcats. As morning rises the party sets out again following the road as it turns south for Stonebridge. After another day of arduous travel our party makes camp in a small rocky valley.

During the night, Nicodemus Narrows notices a strange and icy fog suddenly roll in. As he goes to wake his companions, a foul creature attacks from the mist! Claws rake the adventurers from all directions! Spells are slung - swords slash - arrows fly! A warm hand of healing power caresses Izzy’s back and magically seals her wounds (whose could it be?? Her betrothed, or the elvish cad Rolen??)!

A fatal burst of magic missiles ends the fight in a spray of blood and brains as the beast is felled. After recollecting themselves and getting what remaining sleep they can our adventures reach what must be their destination. Ash and the smell and taste of fire linger on the breeze, and the Temple of Vymera stands surrounded by the burned-out husks of the assorted dwellings and other buildings of the village of Stonebridge.


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